As a growing company, Neon Works is a full service shop.  Our 17,000 square foot facility and studio in Oakland, California allows us to do everything in-house to serve you in every facet of neon and beyond.  We’ve been in business since 1989 and our many clients have been with us just as long.

Our professional services include concept and design consultation, glass bending, fabrication, installation, removal, restoration, vintage neon repair, servicing contracts, and even storage. 

Who are the clients of Neon Works?  A few Fortune 100 companies, contractors, major Hollywood studios, award-winning advertising agencies, the Museum of Modern Art, artists, major art collectors, and thousands of businesses of all sizes, both locally and on the national level.  We have a reputation for high quality work, as glass bending is a work of art in itself. Large job or small, we are proud of all the work we do and take pride in our professional and respectful workforce.  Our work ethic, repeat business, and referrals have been a great reflection of the type of company we are: we meet your needs, and we do it with the highest quality you can expect.